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Request for Elementary  School Transfer

Request for Elementary School Transfer

Elementary students (K-5) shall attend the school that serves the address in which they reside. Upon enrollment, proof of residency is required. District boundaries are in place to ensure a balance between schools and align staffing and resources accordingly.   To access the form, please click here.

The deadline to apply for a transfer request is March 15th prior to the next school year. Applications may be found here or picked up at the District Office and submitted any time prior to that.

The following are considered extenuating circumstances where a transfer request may be approved:

  • The family moved out of the school attendance area after already attending school.
  • A sibling already attends the school requested.
  • The family utilizes daycare in the school attendance area.  Documentation is required.

Class size is the primary factor in determining whether requests are approved.

Additionally, transfer requests submitted after the deadline may be denied. Students with a history of truancy will not be approved. If truancy becomes an issue after the transfer request is approved, the transfer will be revoked and students will be returned to their home school.

Parents/guardians will be sent a letter of the approval or denial by April 1st.

Requests after the March 15th deadline will be notified within 10 business days of submitting the request or within 10 business days following April 1st, whichever falls later.

Once approved, the transfer request will remain in effect until the child leaves the elementary school. Families do not need to apply for approval in the following years. However, individual transfer requests must be approved for each child.

If the transfer request is approved, transportation to and from the requested school is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  

District Policies:

Policy 5120 Assignment Within District

AG 5120 Assignment to School, Class, and Grade