Employee Training

Required Yearly Training for Employees Student and employee safety is something we take seriously in the School District of Superior. This year's mandatory employee training is provided through the Public School WORKS, an online staff training system. All returning employees and new hires will receive an email notice that contains the link to start training. The Public School WORKS system tracks employee training and notifies the District Administrator, Janna Stevens, when courses are completed. Courses are available starting August 30th and must be completed by October 16th. ‚ÄčAssistance for completing the training is available through Human Resources. Email us at hr@superior.k12.wi.us. We are happy to help. Employees who do not complete the training by October 16 will receive a letter of discipline in their personnel file. Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the training.
Meet Our Staff

Molly Devine Webb
Director of Human Resources

Sue Sanda

Erin Gray