School Employee Credit Union

The School Employees Credit Union Annual Meeting

The 85th SECU Annual Meeting will be virtual this year.  The board of directors will meet on Wednesday, February 24th at 5:00 pm to share information about the past year and our recent state examination.

Click HERE to join the meeting on Wednesday, February 24 prior to the 5:00 pm. meeting time.  If you do not have a google account please join us via your phone by the number below.
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To view the Annual Dinner Agenda please click HERE.
To view the School Employees Credit Union Annual Financial Report click HERE.

School Year Hours




THURSDAY 3:00 TO 5:00

FRIDAY                   3:00 TO 5:00

For your safety and for the credit union employee’s safety, whenever possible, call ahead and we can get checks or paperwork ready for you.  Also, all loans are done by appointment with Dan.  The district office will continue to be locked.  Please call the office when you arrive and we will run whatever is needed out to you, or let you in for loan appointments and other business.




Located in the Board of Education Building at 3025 Tower Ave
Phone- 715-392-5650 Please feel free to leave a message
Fax- 715-392-7194

If you need a check mailed or have questions please send a request to both Tony Amys and Dan Winkler.

SECU Offers:
Christmas Club
Vehicle Loans
Home Improvement Loans
Signature Loans
Direct Deposit

Membership in the School Employees Credit Union is open to all employees of the School District of Superior, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College-Superior and their immediate family members. Please bring a state issued i.d. and proof of employment into the SECU office to sign up. A $5.00 deposit in savings is required to open an account. 

SECU Loan Rates

New Vehicle rates (Current and Prior year Models)
3.50%    36 months
3.60%    48 months
3.75%    60 months
4.00%    72 months
4.25%    84 months
Newer used (Under 15,000 miles)
3.50%   36 months
3.70%    48 months
3.85%    60 months
4.10%    72 months
4.35%    84 months
Used Vehicles  
4.0%    24 & 36 months
4.20%    48 months
4.30%    60 months
4.50%    72 months

The signature loan rate is 11.4% (up to $5,000)
Home improvement and education loans 7.94%
CD Rates
Term        Rate      APY
6 month    0.50%   0.50%
12 month   0.80%   0.80%
24 month  0.95%   0.95%

Savings Account Dividend
Christmas Club Account

All rates are subject to change without notice.