Employee Training

Required Yearly Training for Employees Student and employee safety is something we take seriously in the School District of Superior. There are many facets of safety that the state as well as our district requires of each of our employees each year. We've grouped this training into three categories: Prezi Training This covers our harassment and discrimination policies, information on blood-borne pathogens, McKinney-Vento homeless information, safety and you, fire extinguisher use, child abuse reporting, and our handbooks. DPI Webcast-Student Abuse & Neglect Wisconsin law requires all employees of Wisconsin public school districts to report suspected child abuse and neglect, Wis. Stat. sec. 48.981(2)(a)16m. Employee Online Training Survey
This is the Google Form that we use as part of our required yearly training for all employees.

Non-Discrimination Information
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Director of Human Resources
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