District 1 to 1 Laptop Program

Superior's 1 to 1 Laptop Program

Our District is proud to support a 1 to 1 laptop program for students at the Superior Middle School and the Superior High School. Between the two buildings we have over 1500 laptops in hands of students on a daily basis!

Parents and Students are able to view and agree to the 1 to 1 Contracts via InfoSnap during our Back to School registration. This process has turned into an almost completely paperless system! 

Superior High School

The 1 to 1 Program at Superior High school gives students the opportunity to use their laptop at school and home. Students pay $25 a year and use the same laptop all four years they attend Superior High School. 

Superior High School 1-1 Program and Distribution Information


Superior Middle School
The 1 to 1 Program at Superior Middle School gives students the ability to have a laptop with them throughout their day at SMS. Laptops stay at school and our housed in student's homerooms on charging carts. Students use the same laptop their whole time at Superior Middle School. 

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