Health Services

We believe that Students who are HEALTHY LEARN more and Students who LEARN more are HEALTHIER!
Each Superior School is served by a School Nurse. Our School Nurses are responsible for coordinating and managing health needs of students during the school day. Our School Nurses also care for ill and injured students, give out medications and other nursing activities. 

The Superior School District School Nurses are under the direction of the Coordinator of Health Services. To contact the Coordinator of Health Services you may call her at 715-394-8700.

To contact a School Nurse please locate your school's nurse on this page or by contacting the school building. 

It is important for us to reach you if your child is ill or injured at school. Please complete the Back to School Registration form, listing parent/guardian information along with emergency contacts. Back to School Registration forms are filled out electronically annually.


Health Services Staff

Brynn Larrabee, RN
Coordinator of Health Services
715-394-8700. Ext 10147

Jason Leveille, RN
Bryant/Four Corners
715-394-8785, Ext 20103
715-399-8911, Ext 24202

Rachel Hering, RN
715-394-8790, Ext 51411

Kaylyn Mattson, RN
Great Lakes
715-395-8500, Ext 23105

Maura Dodge-Gaare, RN
Northern Lights 
715-395-6066, Ext 25422

Jennifer Marsh, RN
Christina Derick, CMA

Superior Middle School
715-394-8740, Ext 31117

Lori Kelleher, LPN 
Alecia Radtke, LPN
Superior High School
715-394-8720, Ext 41022