Grace Berger shared her love of learning with her students, her colleagues, and her friends.  Throughout her life she exemplified what it means to be a good teacher and a good student.  She was curious about the world genuinely interested in the welfare of others.

As a child living in Superior, Grace Berger attended Bryant Elementary School.  It was here that Miss Agnes Bury, principal of Bryant School, touched her life and made a lasting impression.
Grace Burger has honored Agnes Bury’s memory through the establishment of a memorial fund dedicated to the purchase of library media for the Bryant School.  It is fitting that the lives of both teacher and student will have a continuing positive influence on the learning experiences of all children at Bryant School.
The students of Bryant School and the School District of Superior are grateful to Grace Berger for her thoughtfulness, her generosity, and her love of learning.

The Paul Buchanan DECA Fund was established by family and friends in memory of Paul Buchanan, a graduate of Superior High School.  Paul competed successfully in DECA regional, state and national competitions.  His family appreciates the excellent leadership skills that the DECA program offered their son and have chosen to honor his memory by supporting future students in the field of marketing.  This fund assists Superior students' attendance at various DECA events. 

The William Ellison Student Activity Fund supports student learning opportunities for School District of Superior Students. This fund was created to sustain the Student Activity Fund. The Student Activity Fund application should be used to secure funds.

Carol Dean Farmakes dedicated her life to education. She began her teaching career at the junior high level, later becoming a school psychologist.  For many years she served as a school psychologist for several schools within the School District of Superior.  After a brief retirement, Carol returned to the district to work in the Early Childhood Special Education program. She remained in this position for several years, doing the work she truly enjoyed.

Over the years, Carol touched the lives of many students, parents, and colleagues. Her family has set up this fund as a memorial to her legacy and love of the Early Childhood Special Education program.  This fund is intended to assist and enhance the Early Childhood program for many more years to come.

Teachers may apply for funds such as but not limited to: Adaptive seating for students, visitors/guest speakers, Zoomobile visits, books supporting inclusion, outdoor education resources for school playgrounds, imaginative play supplies.

The Jefferson Fund honors our third President, Thomas Jefferson; diplomat, traveler, author of the Declaration of Independence, founder of the University of Virginia, inventor, scholar, author, student of politics and the law, keen observer of the natural world and a passionate explorer of his place and time.  The purpose of this fund will be to assist young men and women to pursue these Jeffersonian virtues.

Purpose:  Moneys contributed to the Jefferson Fund will be used to fund grants:

  • To supplement specific needs of Superior High School’s Mock Trial and Harvard Model United Nations programs as identified by the program’s advisor.

  • To assist students with special or unusual costs necessary for participation in either program.

  • To provide financial assistance for members of either organization to attend summer workshops or camps which specifically develop Mock Trial or Model U.N. skills.

  • To supplement foreign travel costs for students to Third-World countries.

Edwin Johnson vividly remembers being lead to the music room at Bryant Elementary School as a 4th grade student by his classroom teacher and school principal.  There he was introduced to and apprised of numerous wind instruments.  Edwin subsequently learned to play the clarinet and contentedly participated in the music program throughout his public school education.  
As an adult, Edwin became acquainted with the "Lyric Opera of the North."  He realized that participating in opera was something he would have probably enjoyed as a public school student had he been exposed.  Therefore Edwin has initiated a fund to financially support students' involvement in this fine art.  
The Edwin Brian Johnson Fine Arts Fund was established to bring the "Lyric Opera of the North" (Loon) program to students in the School District of Superior.  
Music teachers can apply for a grant of up to $500.00 per school, per school year to be applied to the cost of bringing the "Lyric Opera of the North" program to their schools. 

The Susan Markee Autism Fund was set up by Susan’s family to provide Cooper Elementary School students enrolled in the autism program financial assistance to attend summer camps, enrichment activities or appropriate equipment. Sue began her career in the Superior School District working as a paraprofessional with students with disabilities.  She was very comfortable working in this area as her second child was born with cerebral palsy.  Eventually she moved to working with students in the autism program. She found this work challenging, yet rewarding as she cared so much for the students.  Sue retired from the School District of Superior in January 2012.  She passed away in August 2012.

Click here to download the Student Activities Fund Application Form
The School District of Superior sets high expectations for all staff and students.  We believe that all children must have the tools to live, learn and work successfully.  In addition, we believe it is essential to provide our students with a variety of educational experiences.

The Superior Student Activity Fund has played a vital role in providing these experiences.  As money for education has become tighter and district needs have changed, our challenges as a community have also changed.  When students are exposed to new and exciting educational experiences, they often find their interest sparked.  Interest leads to more learning and career choices.
The Superior Student Activities Fund enhances learning opportunities for students of all grades.  The Fund has supported individual students’ costs in higher education coursework, classrooms take meaningful field trips, and schools attain educational programs.  Advisors and teachers can apply for funding for various activities not covered by the School District’s budget.  

Deadlines for applications are September 15 and January 15.

Applications based on achievement will be considered after March 1st if funds are available. (Ex. individual or group earning advancement to higher levels of competition.)